ANOTHER NGUYEN is the alias of Berlin-based singer, songwriter and producer Ngoc Anh Nguyen. She crafts contemplative electronic pop that incorporates elements of trip hop and alternative R&B. Her influences range from the dark electronic world of Sevdaliza, Tsar B and James Blake to the pop music realms of Maggie Rogers, Adele and Julia Michaels.

Born to Vietnamese working-class parents and growing up as a minority in a small German town, ANOTHER NGUYEN spent many years pondering on questions of identity and belonging. She became a trained social worker, and her search for community and understanding of her roots led her to live in Hanoi, Berlin and Los Angeles before opting to explore her artistic impulses. Her multifaceted identities and experiences powerfully influence her creative process and echo in both the sound and lyrics of ANOTHER NGUYEN’s atmospheric alt-pop.